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Dear Young Adult
Who Suffers From a
Relationship Break-Up
and Wants to
Heal a Broken Heart



You have come to the right site for healing relief, insight, and encouragement.

There are many different types of broken hearts — sooner or later almost everyone gets one. It is a natural part of life and living.

It may happen many times to many people, which is why it makes sense for you to learn how to master the self-healing process as soon as you can. The benefits last a lifetime.

At the onset, a broken heart makes you feel like your whole world has come to an end.


Words of wisdom for pain relief


It hurts so much you wonder when, and what will make the pain
go away.

You want to heal your heart but
you don’t know how.


Eventually you discover it is a big mistake to

  • Cling to false hope
  • Trick yourself into imagining the relationship can be saved
  • Waste your precious life, time, and energy — stuck in the quicksand of a depression or in an abusive relationship.

The more you resist or refuse to accept the fact that your break-up is final, the more you suffer. Wanting and hoping for what you cannot have is a painful place to be. It gets you nowhere fast and keeps you a prisoner of the past.

Avoid teenage depression — learn how to heal a broken heart and get over a break up.

As soon as you acquire the insight to accept what is and the wisdom to forgive — you will be out of pain and into living life to the fullest.

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Broken-hearted Young Adult

After reading this e-book

  • Write in a journal. Do whatever you need to do to get your feelings and fears out of your heart and mind and onto paper.
  • Speak up when you need someone to help you through the toughest hours. Confide in someone who would be willing to help you find ways to express your feelings. Talk to your parent, a relative, doctor, school counselor, spiritual adviser, minister, therapist, or trustworthy friend.
  • Reveal how you feel, let them know that you are going through a painful break-up. They will understand because chances are they too have suffered from a broken heart, maybe they have been there many times before.
  • Find the answers and insights in
    Wisdom to Heal and Love Again. Study the heart-healing principles until you master them. Use my verses as a rehearsal for your feelings until you are able to express them yourself.
  • Be determined. Believe in yourself and this heart-healing process.

Photograph "Speak Up" by Georgia Roulo

  • Accept the fact that your relationship is over.
  • Forgive yourself and the one you love so your pain will come to an end.

Rebuild your self-confidence. Remind yourself

Fear is …
the first moment
you cease
to believe
in yourself.

You had a relationship with someone who was not the ideal person for you. The break-up occurred not because something is wrong with you or the other person. It occurred because something is wrong with the relationship.

Understand you weren’t meant to be together forever and learn how to accept it. A new life is waiting. Have the courage to leave where you don’t belong.

Be determined to to end heartbreak with this e-book of poetry, photography and heart art.

Learn to heal yourself from the inside out while traveling with me through broken love, loss, and the heart-healing process.

With love and encouragement,
I am right here by your side,
Georgia Roulo


E-Book Testimonials

“Georgia’s combination of writing, pictures, and poetry left me ready to regain control of my life.

The introduction provides a brief glimpse of the rest of the book. Instead of reading like another how-to manual, Wisdom to Heal and Love Again provides me with a new, more effective and insightful way to get over a broken heart.”

Rabia Halim, 18,
Chicago, IL


“I’ve never had a broken heart.
Now, after reading your e-book,
I’m less fearful of having one.

I can see how this book relieves pent up emotions and helps people find words for their feelings and fears. It shows you how to move on. This book brings you light – and reminds you that the person you loved isn’t the only one there is. Maybe there is someone else who can open their heart for you.”


Priscilla Perez, 17, Chicago, IL

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